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Who is Eligible for Legal Assistance Benefits?

As an employee in a collective bargaining unit of a contributing employer, you become a participant in the plan on the first day of your fourth month of employment. To be eligible for educational assistance benefits, you must be a participant for at least two months before the start of the school year. For example, if you began working on January 9th, your eligibility for benefits would begin on April 1st.
When you are eligible for educational assistance benefits, your dependents are also eligible, provided they remain a dependent for the entire school year. Your dependents are: your spouse, domestic partner (who was added to coverage on or before December 31, 2014) and unmarried children under the age of 27 (this may include a stepchild, legally adopted child or child of a domestic partner). Please note that if a child reaches age 27 during school year, they are NOT eligible.

How the Legal Assistance Plan Works

The Plan provides free legal assistance through a CTM Legal Group for certain legal matters. You and your dependents can each receive up to 45 hours of free legal assistance each calendar year for these covered matters. You and your dependents can also receive unlimited hours of legal assistance at a discounted rate for other legal matters. Additionally, you and your dependents can receive a special fee reduction for matters involving a personal injury and related property damages. If you are in need of legal assistance, please contact CTM Legal Group at 312-818-6700.
The following legal matters are covered at no charge to YOU as the participant: Adoption and Guardianship, Bankruptcy, Child Support, Consumer Debt, Felony Criminal Matters, Initial Advice and Consultation, Misdemeanor Criminal Matters, Name Change Petitions, Purchase of Goods and Services, Real Estate and Traffic Offenses.
The following legal matters are covered at no charge for both you and your dependents: Immigration and Naturalization and Wills.

How do I apply for Educational Assistance benefits?

In order to apply for Educational Assistance benefits the Fund Office will need a completed application as well as an official transcript from an accredited college or university (received directly from the school), an itemized tuition statement, and proof that the applicable expenses have been paid.

How do I know if a school accredited?

This information is usually listed on the back of the school’s transcript, or it can be found here: